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Sampson Armand have worked with small businesses all over the country extremely successfully. Delivering improved performance, profitability and cohesion through the development of strategy, leadership and culture. We have worked with micro businesses growing them into substantial medium sized enterprises.

Our work with small business is generally conducted on a one to one scale with the business owners or members of the management board it generally takes the form of coaching and mentoring.

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We work with the organisation to create a strategy and mentor the senior leaders through the implementation of that strategy. We reinforce and develop lines of communication both upwards and downwards and create an organisational cohesion that brings with it engagement and teamwork. Individuals become far more aware of their role in an organisation and the part they play in the success of the organisation.

They take responsibility for their performance and own their work. We regularly deliver growth in profit of between 100 and 300% in a single year!

A cost effective way for small businesses to afford our services is to attend our two day Business Planning workshop. These are run throughout the year, contact us for more information or give us a call to see how we can grow and develop your business.

Small Business Services

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