What is it?

“We cannot teach another person directly; we can only facilitate his learning”   Carl Rogers

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”   Maya Angelou

For us facilitation is all about making things happen.

Everything needs to be delivered in the right way for you whether it be a difficult meeting, a complex event or merely resolving a complex problem or disagreement.

We work from the highest levels of multinational corporations down to organisations that require external facilitation as a result of the paucity of resources. Here to help in any way we can we will quickly tell you if we can’t help! 

Why do you need it?

By holding a facilitated meeting, all members of the meeting can participate freely, unencumbered by the administrative burden of organising or managing the meeting.  Leaders are able to position themselves in the meeting without emphasising their leadership role.  This reduces the barriers to participation by staff who may usually feel unable to speak freely. Facilitation may be desirable when more difficult but frank discussions need to be held, perhaps during periods of transition and cultural change. Sampson Armand can also act as the harbingers of doom and gloom should bad news need to be broken without personal agendas and emotions intervening.

How we do it

Sampson Armand have experts to facilitate business events of any nature. From the mediation of boardroom disputes to the facilitation of an organisational conference, Sampson Armand have all the necessary expertise to deliver what you want where and when you want it. From extraordinary facilities to inspirational speakers we can arrange the venue and the content to meet any business requirement. We also have highly skilled facilitators who can run, chair or deliver such an event to meet your needs, expectations and the budget. From adrenalin filled outdoor adventure to relaxed cerebral contemplation and reflection Sampson Armand can deliver your event either in the UK or abroad. We are famed for our innovation in designing bespoke solutions that entirely match the participant’s capabilities, the occasion and the requirement. Sampson Armand’s consultants are skilled and experienced facilitators who will ensure a productive and organised event will deliver the meeting outcomes you seek.

How it helps

There are occasions when organisations need help designing and running meetings.  This is often the case when the organisation is meeting with a common and important aim, whether it be to discuss an issue, solve a problem, make a decision or simply exchange critical information.  Very often these meetings may involve some difficulty or areas of potential friction. Skillful, experienced facilitation allows for the impartial and productive running of the meeting by someone who is not emotionally engaged in the process and is therefore able to keep the meeting running smoothly on track and on time.  As a leader, there may be times when you want to be able to participate in the meeting as an equal or be able to observe and listen to your staff without the burden of having to run the meeting.  In these circumstances, a facilitator would provide you with the professionally run meeting you need and the space that you want.

What do you do next?

Been asked to run something?

Feeling as if you need a little help?

Want some ideas for that extra special event then give us a call and start to relax as your amazing event quickly and efficiently becomes a reality!

Contact us to discuss how we can help or phone 0844 848 9594 for a chat.


"We enjoyed an intense but hugely valuable two days together during which we got to know each other better and made tremendous progress in our thinking about the future of our schools. The venue was outstanding and the Sampson Armand team were professional and effective in their running of the event." Richard Biggs Headmaster, King's College, Taunton


Dartington Hall

Dartington Hall

The Dartington Hall Trust is a pioneering charity − a place of experiment, enterprise, and education where the arts, social justice and sustainability come together. It occupies a 1200 acre estate which was bought in the 1920s by visionaries Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst as the base for an experiment in rural regeneration. The amazing variety of ancient and modern buildings, set in extensive grounds, provide a glorious setting which generate a socratic environment for inspirational thoughts and activities.

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