Castrol Vice Presidents

The event started with a story in the St Moritz hotel in Trebetherick and concluded with dinner whilst gazing over the mouth of the Camel River. In-between the team had been put through an evolution based on the following direction:

“I want an activity that: involves everybody; is more than just an outing (e.g. simply a bike ride); does not require much, bus/car travel; requires team effectiveness (that’s the theme of the week); contains moments of lack of clear solution and/or changing resource/aim; requires resource deployment decisions, requires some idea generation, gives opportunity for self-imposed constraints (innovation is a current theme and, within that, avoiding premature evaluation is a factor)”.

The team was challenged both geographically and in the loading of tasks. Strategising was required to initially develop and then constantly amend a plan as further bits of information and kit were discovered. After a brief warm-up task in the hotel, the team initially chose to move as one to Padstow before splitting into four. One group after a brief cycle ride took to the water in double canoes to paddle back to Padstow retrieving additional kit and equipment on the way. Another proceeded along the Camel Trail on tandems to retrieve vital information to complete the task. Whilst the two remaining groups remained in the vicinity of Padstow to explore the town. A lobster was adopted named and a replica purchased, a maritime incident researched, a uniform designed and procured, a crime was solved and the link between Castrol Marine Oils and Padstow discovered as the participants hungrily roamed the Padstow area.

Eventually the weary participants returned to Rock to create a suitable abode for the much lauded lobster Claude!

The event on reflection was seen as a great success with some excellent thinking and cooperation within the teams and outstanding communication and coordination between the groups ensuring that the last ferry back to Rock had everybody on board, just!

An enjoyable meal admiring the sunset over the Camel Estuary enabled each participant to reflect on their contribution to the completion of this complex task whilst sampling some of Cornwall’s culinary delights.

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