Psychometric Profiling

Sampson Hall use a modern psychometric profiling tool to open conversations when resolving disputes or creating greater cohesion. The tool originated in South Africa during the post-apartheid era. The tool presents every individual with a unique profile that reflects their preference both in terms of work behaviour and work environment. It does not box or categorise individuals but allows each participant to better understand themselves and their fellow team members. It is an excellent tool to assist recruiters as the required job competences  can be mapped against each candidate so ensuring less recruiting errors. Zero Carbon Future (ZCF) an ambitious and rapidly growing national renewable energy company was keen to ensure those that they recruited suited their role and the culture of the company.

The Challenge:  ZCF were recruiting sales staff, technicians and warehouse staff on a regular basis during a period of sustained growth. Several recent recruitments had not been as successful as required. The organisation came to Sampson Hall in order to ensure that future candidates were retained longer as better fits both from a competence and cultural perspective.  They wanted i3 profiling to assist interviewers in selecting their top candidates after an initial paper selection

What we did: Sampson Hall were able to map each job against the seven traits that are identified within the profiling tool.   Each candidate then completed a 20 minute profile on the internet and a recruiting report was produced to assist and inform the interview process and allow the interviewers a better insight into each candidates preferences.

The Outcome: ZCF have not had a recruiting failure since they started this process and often this means that a slightly less obvious candidate is selected as better suited to a particular role. In interview it is all too easy to come across in the right way during interview before being found to be far less suitable for the role in the work environment over a sustained period of time.

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