NHS Organisational Change

The Challenge

A NHS GP Medical Practice needed to implement major organisational and process changes due to the recent devolvement of commissioning responsibilities to GP medical practices.

What Sampson Hall did

Sampson Hall worked in partnership with the Practice Manager and Partners to develop a clear strategy, management structure and a bespoke leadership and organisational cohesion development programme. The aim of this scheme of integrated facilitation sessions, training workshops and coach mentoring support was to help the Practice deal with current and future challenges whilst exploiting opportunities as the Practice moves forward.

The Outcome

As a result, Practice personnel at all levels reported having clear direction and better understanding of their respective roles which, together with tools and techniques learned, has improved individual, team and whole Practice performance.

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Sampson Hall clearly have an enormous amount of experience in business strategy, developing teams and change management. They use this to design and deliver highly effective training which is practical for organisations to implement. They are extremely professional, flexible and supportive. I know of no other consultants (and I have worked with quite a few during my career within the health sector) that are able to turn an initial discussion of the scale and nature of this problem into a clearly defined, workable programme and build in the amount of flexibility needed to deliver and implement development work in an operational environment. I would certainly recommend companies and organisations of any size to carry out a similar process to ‘future proof’ them and, in so doing, I thoroughly recommend Sampson Hall. Practice Manager



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