The Importance of Hardiness & Resilience

The workplace is more often a source of stress than it ever has been before. Our modern volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment along with increased connectivity and insatiable customer demands all adds to the stress placed upon an organisation and the individuals within it. Add into that mix information overload, social connectivity through social media and an increased perception of perfection’s accessibility and I think we have never experienced such pressure as a human race.

Within this environment it is extremely important for a leader to be cognisant of the strengths and weaknesses of their direct reports and that includes each individual’s Hardiness and Resilience. Who can cope and more importantly who can’t?

Effective team leadership means knowing your people when to challenge them through empowerment, and when to support them through effective structuring, training, coaching and mentoring.

So understanding who is hardy enough to challenge and who is resilient enough to recover from failure is key to effective performance leadership.

How can we measure who likes challenge, who is committed and has stickability, who has the confidence in their own abilities and the social confidence, who feels they have control over their emotions and their life? These are all key components of mental toughness and key indicators to an individual’s hardiness and resilience. But the situation can impact directly on all these and individuals can work to improve their scores to ensure they have the right attributes for their individual roles.

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To find out more about how you can test your mental toughness, click here.

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