Mental Health and Wellbeing

What is it?

The standard definition states that Mental Health and Wellbeing includes everything that exists in the non-physical form. From emotions, psychology and social wellbeing, it plays a major role in thoughts, actions and feelings and in the success of business.

If we are in a good place mentally; we can direct ourselves wilfully through life’s challenges. Whether it be our ability to cope with stress, interact with others or make the right choices, mental health and wellbeing should be a core focus to every individual, as well as every business. It is important to distinguish that mental health is not the same as mental illness.

Why do you need it?

At the core of everything we do on a daily basis, whether it be in our job, as a parent, as a son or daughter, or even a friend or a member of society, there is one common factor: The person. We need to ensure we keep good awareness levels of our current state to be able to give the best of ourselves in the various aspects of our daily life. We often find scenarios where one aspect of life (our job) starts to take the strain, and that will follow us home or into other areas of our lives, and visa versa.

How does it help?

Having a good grip on our mental health and wellbeing allows us to be aware of the various touch points in our life that can hinder or improve levels of happiness, motivation and connection. From the context of business, ensuring a good focus on mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, means that work will become a safe space, which in turn can nurture motivation and higher levels of productivity, due to the basic human needs of every employee being acknowledged. Often an area that cannot be quantified directly by measurable targets, but certainly a focus point that can lead to a level of success far greater than any measurable part could predict.

How it works?

It works through effort, connection, alignment and awareness. Creating an environment where a workforce has the tools and opportunities to work on co-worker relationships, communication and self-care is vital to ensuring your business stays not just successful but excels in challenging times, where others may fall behind. Putting time and attention into areas of the business that do not directly contribute to profit or success, is of vital importance to any business aiming to grow in today’s challenging environment.

What do you do next?

Contact us to help you take the next steps, not just to acknowledge the importance of mental health and wellbeing, but to ensure you are adopting a narrative that empowers your individuals to ensure they are driving their own wellbeing which will in turn underpin business success.

We can help you and your business to achieve an environment that is safe, supported and an enjoyable place to work. Talk to us about how we can help you achieve this through employer and employee workshops.

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