Psychopathic traits may benefit your business

Without drawing attention to yourself, and without making eye contact, take a really good look at the person sitting next to you.  How well do you know them?  Do you trust them?  What are they thinking? Could they be a psychopath – and what if they were?  Before you run away screaming or call the police, consider that having a psychopath sitting next to you may be no bad thing.

Various studies have suggested that psychopathic traits may be of benefit in business.  In fact, a number of books like ‘Snakes in Suits’ or ‘The Good Psychopath’s Guide to Success’ have explained why some psychopaths are very successful . For example, they are much better than most people at detecting when someone is lying.  Intriguingly, though, their lack of empathy means they are less likely to yawn when someone else does.

However, whether you are a psychopath or not, understanding yourself, your traits, tendencies and tolerances, is an important step in developing your full potential.  Furthermore, as a leader or manager, understanding the make-up of your team is absolutely vital in order to harness each individual’s strengths effectively to maximize your collective performance.

So rather than having nightmares, just call the very nice, very sane people at Sampson Hall to discuss how we can help you understand yourself and your team better in order to ramp up your performance.

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