Cultural Change

Sampson Hall have worked with Castrol over a period of five years. They have worked with the Senior Project Unit Leadership team which includes the managing director and the 12- 15 senior leaders within the organisation. They work for five days annually in facilitating training and development which can then be taken back into the organisation.  In 2013 they arranged a week in the New Forest at a prestigious hotel to review Castrol’s Culture and the relationship with its leadership.

The Challenge: Castrol had never considered its culture in its entirety across the globe. What did those working within the organisation understand to be the culture and was the culture right for the environment in which the organisation functioned and the possible challenges of the future? How could Castrol maintain its dominant position within the Lubricants Market?

What we did: Sampson Hall designed a package to match the needs and expectations of this very senior global team. The package included some research to bring the current thoughts from those who worked within the organisation to the table. The initial plan was to review Castrol’s Current Culture before deciding if it was suitable and matched up to the demands of the current competitive working environment. Then work out how it needed to change before developing an implementation plan for the desired change.  This thinking and discussion was undertaken in various scenarios from facilitated group sessions, to open debate and buddy walks. Conclusions were recorded and a plan honed. In between exercises and events were help to nourish the team effectiveness, improve communications and reinforce working relationships.   An evening in the pub was followed by a formal dinner, a mystery trail in electronic Renault twizys around the sights of the New Forest. International Blind footballers led a lesson on communication and the week concluded with a fun filled barbeque and prizes.

The Outcome: The SPU LT left the event as a far more cohesive team with a clear understanding of where the culture was and what was required from them to alter the culture to one that was more suited to the challenges that lay ahead. Each team member understood how the new boss thought and worked and each understood how to lead cultural change within their own substantial global and regional teams.  The following year Sampson Hall were engaged to work in Spain with the team to assist in developing team cohesion and honing leadership.

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