In today’s business world if you are a business leader you have two choices. You can shape your destiny or let fate take you to the destination it chooses. All too often we come across businesses that have taken the second option and found they are in a place that they did not want to be.  It’s a tough world out there with a rapidly changing environment with lots of competitors chipping away at your business. You need to ensure your business survives and flourishes through proper planning and preparation. Having some sort of Strategy that includes a vision of where you want to get to. An understanding of what might stop you. An idea of the team you would like to assist you on your way and a means of allocating your scarce resources to the most important aspects of your plan.

There is a time and place for each of these disciplines   but you need to understand the where and when and how and bring all of these disparate activities together into one coherent strategy.

So how do I put together my strategy and where do I start?

Like all good stories you need to start at the beginning by understanding your personal requirements and how these can be met by your business. There is little separation in today’s fast moving world between home and office.  This entails asking yourself lots of questions. What is it you want to achieve? (Vision) How will you do this? (Plan) Whose help and guidance do you need? (Talent Management) What resources will you need?  How much will it cost? What’s my time frame to achieve this? (Resource Priorities and Risk Management)

Hone your answers at each stage of the process by continually asking one of the most important but rarely used questions – WHY? Sometimes its best asked five times to get to the real issue or desire!

That’s a lot to take in if you’re also spending most of your time on day-to-day operational business matters. Sometimes it pays to bring someone in from outside your business to look at your strategy with fresh eyes and there are plenty of consultants who can do this. Some may also assist in the implementation of your strategy as you focus on the day to day activities. After all we all work far too much “in rather than on” our business.

But in the words of Rick Page “Hope is not a strategy” Start shaping your future to ensure that you get your business to the place it needs to be to give you the life you want!

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