Talking Ourselves into Recession

I wonder how much of the lack of business confidence in our economic prospects at present can be put down to the government’s public persona and (for this matter only) its sergeant at arms the media.  The Government is feeding us the worst possible case in order to sugar coat the real news on cuts when they come; the media are all for a bit of bad news as good news rarely sells papers. Unfortunately the two combined have a pretty powerful influence over our complete society.

Hope has to come from somewhere lest we drown in our own self pity and depression. When you are swimming at the bottom of a well there is one thing you can do to improve your prospects of survival and that is start climbing and keep on climbing until you get out! It is only  true self belief and optimism  that will enable you to survive and that is what this country needs now more than ever. Begone you doom and gossip mongers!

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