How do you feel about what you’ve achieved so far this year?

We’re now over a third of the way through the year ….

Have you achieved all that you set out to in your business in the first 4 months of this year? Or has it been more of the ‘same old’ – not quite getting your act into gear?

Or maybe you’ve made an excellent start and want to take it to the next level or build on it, but know that you need some serious planning and strategy behind you to do so?

Could it be that you are you floundering in a sea of amazing ideas, but just struggle to know which to do first, and meantime cashflow is dicey and you’re constantly fire-fighting …?

Or maybe you’re stuck, knowing that you need to take on your first member of staff in order to grow, or that you need to double your team, but you never quite manage to get there?

If you are ambitious, and serious about growing your business NOW, then read on – we have a fantastic opportunity for you

Julia Bramble (Bramblebuzz) and I have been helping business owners transform their businesses for years and between us have a unique skills set that can take you to where you dream of – and beyond!

We have created a unique opportunity for you, born out of what we both do individually.

Sampson Hall are trailblazers in business growth, leadership and strategy and consult with businesses of all sizes from SMEs to globals like Castrol, achieving phenomenal results.

Julia Bramble is the only retained independent Business Growth Advisor for Nigel Botterill’s Entrepreneurs Circle – he ‘lost’ the rest! She also heads up the award-winning social media consultancy BrambleBuzz, working with businesses from solopreneurs to nationals and multi-nationals, using digital marketing to propel their business growth.

We are committed to working in depth with ambitious business owners to get the results they want from their businesses, but know that we can only reach a few at a time.  However, by joining forces and creating a Mastermind group we know that we can not only reach more people but also provide exclusive benefits.

These are:

Accountability (to a group is massive)
Inspiration (learning from others with the same mindset)
Network (combined group network is huge and everyone will understand your business)
Support (whatever stage of business you’re at, it can be lonely)
Energy (in spades)
Learning (the stuff you’ve forgotten and the stuff you should know that no-one ever told you)
Light-bulb moments (it all suddenly fits together, or that brilliant new idea)
Fun (business without this is not a place to be)

Being a member of this group will provide you with a unique combination of:
Clarity (what to do first),
Knowledge (how to do it),
Risk/ reward (what the consequences might be of you do take action vs. what they will be if you don’t!),
Planning (get it sorted),
Support from those with experience and the same mindset, and
Access to a huge combined network.

In summary, it is priceless.

The group needs to be made up of the right people, so Sampson Hall and Bramblebuzz issued personal invitations to join. Not surprisingly, places were snapped up by smart business owners who know a good thing when they see one!

However, due to unavoidable circumstances, we have two spaces now available, so we are sharing this message with selected people in order to find the right new members to take these places.

Could it be you?

If you are ambitious, want to take your business places (and it doesn’t have to be the moon!), and are willing to work to get there, we’d love to talk to you.

We have some very special people all ready to make this group the best thing you’ve ever invested in for your business. We’re inviting you to find out more about joining us and have a special Trial Offer!

Each business owner takes the spotlight for at least 45 minutes each month; you will be inspired by, and learn from, the stories, challenges and opportunities that every business owner brings to the group.

A different business theme will underpin each meeting, to focus your thinking and action. Worksheets will be provided to help self-audit your business and to make clear, ongoing plans in preparation for the next session.

Results: If you implement the actions you commit to during the session, you will see significant growth in your business. We will help you see the infinite potential of your business and help you reach it – and beyond!

Support: 30 minute phone support and reasonable email support each month from either Phil or Julia.  They will also be able to introduce you to key people in their networks that they believe would be able to help you grow your business.

Monthly themes include:
1.  Goal setting
2.  Strategy
3.  Action planning
4.  Communication
5.  Knowing who your customers are
6.  Risk
7.  Failure
8.  Marketing Message and Media
9.  Time Management
10.  Leading in Your Business
11.  Marketing for Sustainable Growth
12. Setting Priorities

Now you’ve read this far, you might be thinking – ‘well, that sounds nice, but am I really going to be able to achieve all that Phil and Julia have talked about?’

Well, the answer is ‘yes’, provided you go out there and take action – they’re not promising to do the work for you!’

We do want to talk with you first, to make sure that the group will be a good fit for you … and vice-versa!

If you want to know what you can expect from being a member of the group, just read what
Prue Deane from Accountancy Learning, says about her experience so far:

“  I feel privileged to be part of the Mastermind group which is run by leading experts who cover everything from strategic planning to operational issues, communication, sales and marketing – you name it. The small group size ensures that you get plenty of time to outline a specific issue relating to your business, after which you receive helpful, practical advice from the experts and the other business owners in the group.

Mastermind has already had a very significant impact on our business as we have been able to implement ideas straight away, which has resulted in an improved company structure; better processes and communication as well as help with planning out a major marketing campaign for this year.

I’m delighted with what Mastermind has done so far to help our business and I’m very much looking forward to the rest of the year’s sessions as they will undoubtedly help to accelerate our business growth during 2015!”

Just imagine how you would feel when it comes round to next Christmas, if you’d grown your business in the same way!

I wouldn’t blame you for worrying that the investment we are asking for, to cover our time and input, is going to be top end, as our businesses both command hefty day rates.

And the experience we will provide will be worth it, many times over.

However, our reason for creating this was to not only allow business owners to benefit from each other, but also to make this experience accessible to each and every business, so we’ve set the investment level at an exceptional rate.

We are asking for just £250 per month (there is a commitment to the group until the end of the year expected.)

(All prices shown will attract VAT. The investment includes the group meetings, worksheets, support between meetings, plus use of an exquisite venue for our monthly meetings and all coffees, teas, snacks and lunch each day.)

Trial meeting
The next group meeting is on Thursday 30th April.

If you’re seriously interested in joining the group, we’d love to invite you along to experience (and take part in) a full day. All we ask is that you contribute £50 towards your refreshments and admin, and that you participate fully.

We can only accommodate a very small number of trial places on 30th April, so please get in touch ASAP to confirm your interest!

The next opportunity for the £50 trial price is:

Friday 5th June, venue Exeter

Friday 24th July, venue Exeter

But these will be on a first come first served basis and only if room available.

How to find out more:

I hope that you’re champing at the bit to get involved! If so, please email at for a chat!

If you’re still not sure, then just let me ask you one question –

What’s the cost of inaction going to be for your business?
In your heart of hearts, where do you really want to be this time next year – and can you rely on yourself to get you there?

What are you going to do now?

Carry on as you are? Or take action?

Please just drop Sandra a quick email now – and we can start to help you press the accelerator pedal in your business.

Don’t forget – the places are available on a first come first served basis!



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