Unconscious Bias in leadership


About this course

Discover how personal awareness of our biases enhances leadership performance.

 In the busy world we live in, we’re exposed to as many as 11 million sensory triggers at any one time, yet we can only absorb about 40 to 50, and we consciously notice a much smaller number than that.

 Given the immense volume of stimuli around us in hyper-connected world, how can we know what we’re responding to, and what we’re processing unconsciously?

Whether we like to admit it or not, every human being has bias inherent in their decision making, as the world that we see is shaped by our prior experience.

From childhood memories, to interactions with peers, role models, business associates, social media and the news, our brains are influenced and shaped by what we see and what we believe.

While we may not even recognise our bias at work, whether it is conscious or unconscious bias, the effects are just the same. When we are looking at those things that help shape our experiences and perceptions, what things are we not seeing? What opportunities might we be missing?

The session will help attendees to explore how we can take what we have learned about the human mind and use it to better understand our relationships and organisations, so that we can make more conscious, informed and effective decisions.

This session will enable attendees to:

  • How Bias works and why all humans have it
  • The domains of constructive and destructive bias – how they shape leadership decisions
  • Where bias effects Organisational Life
  • Identifying and countering your own bias to enhance leadership performance
  • Valuing diversity and enhanced decision making in an organisation

Whatever your role in business, whatever your personal goals, this session is for you..

The Sampson Hall team are dynamic, knowledgeable and inspiring presenters, the session will be interactive and challenging. You will be surrounded by likeminded individuals and will come away enthused and energised. Interaction and learning from one another is positively encouraged.

Places limited to allow for interaction and discussion

Price includes À la carte Breakfast and all course materials.



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Hotel du Vin, Exeter, EX2 4HY

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