Leading with self compassion


About this course

Has your business succeeded because of, or in spite of, your leadership?
How do you improve as a compassionate leader?

Every leader in business needs to be resilient and driven to survive in today’s business environment.

But ambition, drive and enthusiasm need to be held in perspective. All too often we forgive others for their weaknesses and their failings but refuse to be as benevolent with our own inadequacies – and we ALL have some!

Playing to our strengths and allowing our weaker traits to be covered by others, enables outstanding organisational performance. But it requires self compassion and the ability to recognise where we are weakest in terms of our leadership.

After all as the saying goes “a strong man who knows his weaknesses, a weak man knows his strengths but a wise man knows his own strengths and weaknesses”

Leading with self compassion is critical to delivering exemplary organisational performance. Team members perform to their own strengths and cover weaknesses of others. Self compassionate leaders are humble, human and are outstanding in their ability to influence and motivate their teams. They are self-aware, resilient and resourceful in their leadership, thus achieving extraordinary organisational results.

You will see return on investment as you will return to your workplace with tools that you will be able to utilise and use immediately. 

This session will enable attendees to:

  • Understand self compassion
  • Team Motivation – Understand how to influence and motivate a strengths based team
  • Leadership Styles – Understand situational leadership and why your style of leadership needs to change according to the situation
  • Personal Development Plan – Knowing how to become more self-aware and more self-compassionate

If you are in a position of leadership wanting to achieve, or continue to achieve, business
success this course is for you!

The Sampson Hall team are dynamic, knowledgeable and inspiring presenters, the session will be interactive and challenging. You will be surrounded by likeminded individuals and will come away enthused and energised. Interaction and learning from one another is positively encouraged.


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Hotel du Vin, Exeter, EX2 4HY

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