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Presence…Gravitas – Whatever we call it, it can be hard to define. We know it when we see it, we’re energised when we feel it and we can easily spot the lack of it. It inspires us within an organisation and drives us to new heights. Leadership presence is much more than a surface level phenomena and critically important to engaging colleagues and employees, as others will respond to what they see in us more than what they hear from us. Great leaders quickly standout within organisations and then enable their organisations to become market leaders.

We can recognise that as leaders (or potential leaders) we are constantly being evaluated on how well we display confidence, composure, credibility, connection, and charisma both as leaders and as an organisation. Great leaders use their characteristics to influence and drive success.

Research shows that presence is one of the leading indicators to success. It’s how we show up, how we make others feel, and how effectively we communicate both verbally and non-verbally, demonstrating an ability to connect authentically with the hearts and minds of others in order to motivate and inspire them to achieve more.

Leadership presence can be developed, and this session will explore how you can use a leaders qualities to create organisational success.

The session will help attendees to explore:

· The key factors of leadership presence and its impact

· What shapes the impact of our presence on others

· How we can harness inner strength and develop leadership presence

· How we can use our personal qualities to drive organisational success.

The session will be interactive, fun and thought provoking, with learning from one another positively encouraged, and with everyone coming away with a healthy dose of self-reflection, and with personal actions which can be immediately applied to further enhance presence and impact.

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Hotel du Vin, Exeter, EX2 4HY

Hotel du Vin, Exeter, EX2 4HY

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