Don Armand


Born in Zimbabwe and educated in South Africa, from early on Don developed a keen interest in both human health and wellbeing and a desire to better understand how the human brain works both singularly and in organisations or teams. This led him to gaining a degree in Psychology and Organisational Psychology from the University of Cape Town. Don’s other passion was rugby which culminated in a 13 year professional career, playing Internationally and for top tier teams such as Stormers in South Africa, and Exeter Chiefs in England and winning two caps as an England International Rugby player. He was recognised as one of the top players in the premiership over several seasons and this was because of his exemplary performance, his on-field gravitas and the effect he had on others in the team as an established leader.

He completed his career at Exeter Chiefs in 2021, during his tenure he captained the side on many occasions and played a key role within the leadership team, inspiring and motivating others. Playing professional sport at a high level requires many aspects of individual discipline and character as well as an in depth understanding of how a team works and how to be part of a team, how to get results through working on team culture, communication and individual development. During Don’s time at Exeter Chiefs they won the Premiership twice and became European Champions. He maintains his passion for rugby through his rugby mentorship program that enables him to give back his hard-earned knowledge and experience to the next generation of aspiring professional rugby players. He focuses on both physical and mental health and wellbeing as well as technical aspects of the game.

Don is already an established business owner as the founder of an e-commerce brand that addresses health and wellness in the billion-dollar gaming industry as well as a private hire pool company. The transition from professional sport to business has been a steep learning curve but has meant that Don fully understands the machinations of business, including strategic planning and a deep understanding of how business works. This experience has helped Don apply himself with a never-ending commitment to producing only the best work for his international client base.

Don is happily married to Rayanne and they have four children, he lives with his extended family where he utilises his experience in business strategy and coaching to maintain a harmonious family existence.


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