Leading with greater self-awareness and self-compassion


About this course

Every individual in modern life needs to apply the right perspective to the issues they face to be resilient and driven in order to survive in today’s fast moving, complex and connected environment.

Knowing where you are and understanding how you got there is key to progressing. But ambition, drive and enthusiasm need to be held in perspective.

Where are we strong and what do we need to work on?

Emotional intellect and empathy are key in both self-leadership and leading others. All too often we forgive others for their weaknesses and their failings but refuse to be as benevolent with our own inadequacies – and we ALL have some!

Playing to our strengths and developing our weaker traits or allowing them to be covered by others more able than ourselves, enables outstanding organisational performance. But it requires self-compassion and the ability to recognise where we are weakest in terms of our self-development and leadership, self-compassion and self-awareness are key to our future success.

After all as the saying goes “a strong man who knows his weaknesses, a weak man knows his strengths but a wise man knows his own strengths and weaknesses” and it’s not just about men!!

Stephen Scown and Sampson Hall are holding a Women in Business day to explore perspective, emotional intelligence, self -compassion and wellbeing to explore these fascinating subjects with like- minded women.

Whether it is personal or work related all too often we are too hard on ourselves, unaware of others’ trials and tribulations and not able to see the wood from the trees in terms of our own personal development.

The day will allow you to be more self-aware, socially aware and you will leave with a bespoke development plan to inform your personal development.

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