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Emotional intelligence (EQ) has been shown to be 3 times more likely to predict success than cognitive intelligence. So, what is it and how can we develop it? EQ is the capacity for:

  • Recognising our own feelings and those of others
  • For motivating ourselves and others
  • It is a key attribute of effective leaders
  • For managing emotions effectively in ourselves and in others.

It describes the behaviours that sustain people in challenging roles, or as their careers become more demanding, and it captures the qualities that help people deal effectively with change. It describes the traits of successful 21st century leaders.

In research of over 2000 supervisors and managers, Dr Richard Boyatzis, identified 2 key findings:

  • Of 16 abilities that distinguished star performers, all but 2 of them were emotional.
  • The more people advanced in their career the more important their emotional and social skills became in distinguishing superior performance.

Numerous studies have shown that it’s EQ which makes the difference between a highly effective leader and an average one.

Beyond that, in a world where we now have 5 different generations in the workplace (with different needs), a more culturally diverse workforce than ever before, more virtual teams, and more competition seeking to attract our leading talent, we could argue that Emotional Intelligence has become even more important than ever before for 21st century leaders and employees.

The session will help attendees to explore:

  • The 5 Categories of EQ
  • Why Emotional Intelligence is critical to success
  • How emotions can affect everything we think, feel and do
  • The research behind EQ & the role it plays in the workplace
  • How we can measure EQ in self and employees
  • Effective ways to develop Emotional Intelligence

If you want to become a more effective leader this engaging session is right up your street

The session will be interactive, fun and thought provoking, with learning from one another positively encouraged, and with everyone coming away with a healthy dose of self-reflection, and with personal actions which can be implemented immediately to enhance workplace satisfaction, fulfilment and success.

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Hotel du Vin, Exeter, EX2 4HY

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