Champions in the Workplace – Plymouth


About this course

Do you know who are your champion workers?

Do you know who your future business leaders are?

Succession is one of the key challenges in any business, do it badly and the business fails, do it well and the business thrives. This session will help you to devise a means of identifying potential successors, whilst also ensuring your leadership teams are balanced for todays challenging world.

Not everyone needs to be at the peak of Mental Toughness, but understanding where you are and how to improve both your hardiness and resilience are key to a successful future. Identifying those with real reach is key to any succession plan.

You will see return on investment as you will return to your workplace with tools that you will be able to utilise and use immediately.

This session will enable attendees to:

  •  Define and understand Mental Toughness
  •  Understand the benefits of Mental Toughness to an organisation
  •  Comprehend how resilience and hardiness are measured
  •  Understand how to improve and develop team and individual resilience and hardiness

If you are in a position of leadership wanting to achieve, or continue to achieve, business success this course is for you!

The Sampson Hall team are dynamic, knowledgeable and inspiring presenters, the session will be interactive and challenging. You will be surrounded by likeminded individuals and will come away enthused and energised. Interaction and learning from one another is positively encouraged.

“Sampson Hall really make you think about your impact, as not just a leader but a follower. They give you the tools to enable yourself and your team to achieve something that you thought previously was impractical/impossible”

Matthew Pinnock, Bishop Fleming.

Places limited to allow for interaction and discussion

Price includes À la carte Breakfast and all course materials.

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Rock Salt Brasserie

Rock Salt Brasserie

Situated in Stonehouse in Plymouth serving great food, combined with excellent service and a place to meet that has that something special and different about it. Sampson Hall are delighted to be using this wonderful venue to host its business breakfast series.